Special effects with LadyLash


Without LadyLash

Before you start the application take into consideration the natural lashes of your guest. Their lenght, thickness, curve, density and color.
You have to choose the LadyLash lashes, technique and styling according to these characteristics.


Classic 3D LadyLash eyelash extension

The classic 3D eyelash extension technique: apply one synthetic LadyLash eyelash on one natural lash. It gives you a richer look and spectacularly longer lashes. For the set of eyelashes a few lashes of COLOR LASH can be added to have more exciting and special set.

hollywood volume LadyLash eyelash extension

The LadyLash Hollywood Volume is one of the newest, luxury eyelash extension technique. You can apply more, 2-6 special, extra light „silk” eyelashes on one natural lash with the unique Volume-Up technique. Even 6 extremely light Volume lashes can be applied on one natural lash without causing any harm. The LadyLash Hollywood Volume gives just a little extra lenght to the lashes, but it makes them dramatically rich. 

Hollywood volume extra - mega volume LadyLash eyelash extension

 According to the latest trends 7-12D lashes are outstanding popular amoung the women. The appilcation of 7-12 lashes to one natural lash requires the high quality technique from the lash stylist and strong natural lashes from the model not to cause harm.


Camellia LadyLash lash extension

The best new fashion trend in the world is the Camellia lash extension technique. We advice to every women to try at least once. Although one try in enough to fall in love with this new kind of lash looking. Camellia lash set combines the spectacle and multi effect of volume technique with the natural looking. The Camellia lash follow the growing period of natural lashes with its different lengh artificial lashes, so in a Camellia lash row you find smaller and longer lashes according to your natural lash growing cicle.