LadyLash offers you a wide range of education from basic level up to professional level. We have courses for 1D Classic technic, 2-6D Volume technic, 7-12D Volume technic, Camellia technic, 3 layer lash extension and lower eyelash extension as well. Our official and professional LadyLash Educator is the guarantee the high quality lash extension education. 



LadyLash Stylist

Are you interested in lash extension education? Would you like to learn lash extension with the latest and most innovative technics and with professional lash products? Try our LadyLash Stylist education and you can learn step by step the classic lash technic and be ableto build your first lash sets. On lash courses we focus on theoretical background and precise, efficient pracise. On the LadyLash Stylist lash courses we train real lash stylist who can help to every women to have the lash set which suits her the most.   

LadyLash Hollywood Volume 2-6D 

If you are practised in classic lash technic, it's time to learn volume lash technic. Volume lash courses are  designed for those that would like to provide some more beauty to the clients. Special thin silk lashes are offered to volume technic to lash extension be safe to natural lashes. Our aim is to teach you how to creat attractive lash sets from more lashes as well.


LadyLash Hollywood Volume 7-12D

The popularity of lash extension growing and growing and requires from the lash stylist and experts the developing and learning continously. With our high quality lash products, the 7-12D volume lash sets there are no obstacle. Worldwide popular and favourite of celebrities, the mega volume 7-12D lash sets with theirs intensive loooking attract the also clients who wore 2-6D lashes before. 

Camellia Lash Extension

Camellia lash sets have a real special feeling and looking at the same time. We are proud to offer the very new technic to our students so they can be among the first who provide the clients sets created with this uniq Camellia technic. The secret of its is the different lenght of the applicated lashes. that finally shows the growing cycle of natural lashes.


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